Digital Indonesia: Connectivity & Divergence Edited Jurriens & Ross Tapsell is a very interesting book for anyone who wants to know comprehensively the development of the digital world in Indonesia 3-5 years lately. This book is a collection of various reviews from the viewpoint of the community of digital technology users, government and business actors are credible in their fields such as Onno W Purbo, Usman Hamid, Yanuar Nugroho, and Mari Pangestu. In this book, there are also some case studies that arise due to the development of the digital world in Indonesia both from the negative and the positive side.

The book is divided into 5 Sections: Connectivity, Divergence, Identity, Knowledge & Commerce. In Chapter I Connectivity more emphasis on how the Government tried to build suggestions and infrastructure to facilitate people to have access to the development of the digital world. Chapter 2 Divergence shows how the development of ICT in Indonesia in relation to social divergence and counter-strategies that shape its development. Chapter 3 Identity focuses on the use of ICT in communities both positively assisting the development of social demography and oversight in Indonesia, as well as negatively becoming the means of radicalism groups spreading their ideas and ideas to society. Chapter 4 Knowledge discusses how processes to improve the ability of Indonesians both personally and communally to use digital technology for education, music, and contemporary art. Chapter 5 Commerce shows how the development of digital technology makes a big and significant change in the business and economic paradigm in Indonesia.

This book honestly provides an understanding that the development of ICT can be a sword with two sides for the people of Indonesia. Bad effects can be very serious if we see the many chaotic issues in Indonesia social media. Although there is also a great opportunity with the development of ICT in Indonesia, bringing a new perspective of hope with increased sales through the on-line system and the birth of various creative applications such as a Fully-Verified app that support social life as well as on-line security. All reviews in this book supported by adequate study and accurate data so that it can be used as a reference that is credible about what is happening in the digital world in Indonesia widely. Very worthy of being a source of knowledge and collection for you in understanding the development of ICT in Indonesia.

Antonius Lisliyanto, SE, MM, CDS, CRA
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