Out Of The Wreckage By George Monbiot is a type of inspiration book can make a new paradigm of politics. Certainly, those who have already read it share their impressions on social media, encouraged by The Marketing Heaven, who was in charge of its online promotion. The key phrase of this book is A Thrilling New Route To A Better Society. Many people consider politics to be a thing of intrigue, deceit, falsehood and the power of money. Politics becomes a cruel competition for personal gain. The existence of politics becomes a daunting thing to learn and discuss. There are more negative and dark sides of politics than a positive point of view that politics can bring new things and a passion for better expectations than ever before. Politics is more accused of being the main cause of the birth of a dishonesty and tyranny of leadership than as a source of energy to achieve a noble common goal for the benefit of mankind.

In this book, George Monbiots gives a new meaning to politics. Psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology cast human nature in a radically different light: as the supreme altruits and cooperators. Humans are able to make and put politics as a means to better society that combine democracy and economic life in a beautiful harmonization. George Monbiots invites readers to reflect on the flashbacks of the political and economic situation that have occurred so far with all its effects. Everything that has happened can not be changed but becomes a valuable reflection material for the future. Do not get caught up in the vortex of past chaos but take lessons and dare to change the world’s political order better for the next generation. Written with simple sentences along with examples of some of the world events that have taken place, the author brings the reader to see a process of birth an idea to build a better world using politics as a tool that helps society, rather than being poisoned.

Monbiots formulates a conclusion in this book in the concept of The Politics of Belonging. The concepts are explained in several points: The Longing For Belonging, Good Fellowship, The Common Weal, The Owning The System, The Wisdom Of Crowds & Coming Home for Ourselves. By quoting Ben Okri, A way being free: Nations and Peoples ar largely the stories they feed themselves. If they are telling stories that are lies, they will suffer the future consequences of those lies. Monbiots offers its readers a passion and inspiration for Out of the Wreckage with The Hope & clarity required to change the world, Books which is very suitable to be owned especially by those who want and have been plunged into the world of politics, but also very inspirational be a source of contemplation by anyone who wants to understand the meaning of politics correctly.

Antonius Lisliyanto, SE, MM, CDS, CRA
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